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Mc Acapella

Nigerian comedian

Mc Acapella, also known as Bennett Chinedu Daniel, is a Nigerian stand-up comedian and a radio personality. He started comedy long time ago, before getting his major breakthrough in 2008 when he won the famous “AY Open Mic Challenge”. Since his sheer exploits at the 2008 edition of the AY Open Mic comedy competition, Acapella has no doubt registered himself as one of the major talents to reckon with in Nigeria.

How the journey started

Acapella is basically a stand-up comedian and also a radio personality. I started comedy long time ago, but got my breakthrough in 2008 when I won the famous AY Open Mic Challenge. So professionally, the journey started like eight years ago. We have been pushing it from one end to another, and by the grace of God, we are really growing. We have done all the major comedy shows in Nigeria and of course across the globe; we are spreading like virus and we are taking it a step at a time. Acapella right now is the producer and owner of the biggest gospel comedy show in Africa, it is called Acapella Live in Comedy Goes to Church. Every A-list comedian in this country has participated in the show.

What prompted Acapella Live in Comedy goes to Church

In 2004, I went for a performance at a church. I was already in the middle of my performance when the pastor came and said ‘who brought this comedian to the altar of God?’ And before I knew anything, I was embarrassed out of the stage. I started crying behind the stage and told God that ‘if you are the one that gave me this talent, make it grow, and when it grows, I will bring it back to the church. In 2005, I got the concept that when I become a brand, my show will be tagged ‘Comedy goes to church’ because God is the giver of every talent and it is necessary that we take it back to him.

Giving helping hand to younger comedians

If you follow Acapella Live in Comedy goes to Church brand very well, you will agree with me that we have a lot of young guys coming up. I usually balance the show in a way that when we have 10 comedians for instance, four will be established ones, while the remaining six would be those you don’t know. We try as much as possible to grow young guys too. We’ve had the likes of Chimara come from that rank, Damola, Kenny Black, Still Ringing, Handsome the Mimic…these are guys that came out through the brand, and we believe that as we grow, other comedians will be discovered. I promote originality, and when I see young guys, who are really talented, trust me the platform is for them.

Where would Acapella have been without winning AY Open Mic

I really do not know, it is only God that is in best position to answer that. Who knows? It could have happened anywhere else. I really thank God that I won the AY Open Mic competition because it was a platform that served as a stepping ladder for me. It was the platform that made me meet all the top players in the entertainment industry. I can walk into any brand and introduce myself as Acapella. Sometimes, a lot of people even know my name but don’t know my face. AY is a man of grace, so I count myself blessed for winning the AY Open Mic.

If not comedy, what would Acapella be doing

I used to be a singer; that is why they call me Acapella. I’m sure I would be singing right now. I also like business, so maybe I would also be a business man. I used to be a music director and also play the keyboard, so I’m very attentive to music. I like to pay attention to every little detail of music. I’m a critic, so while I’m enjoying a song, I listen to the lyrics attentively. So when I see faults, I decide to share it with fans on stage. My criticisms are always constructive and comical.


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